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Panwali Kantha Trek in Garhwal, Uttaranchal

Panwalikantha Trek
Trek Easy to Moderate
Period Monsoon
Duration 4 Days
Panwalikantha Trek - On Meteor Trail

Panwalikantha is situated on the south-western end of a ridge in Kedarnatth region. Panwali lies on the old pilgrim trail from Kedarnath to Gangotri

Day 1

Distance : 8 km
Time       : 4 – 5 hours
Level      : Moderate

Early morning we will trek to Triyuginarayan. The notch of Maggu is high above Triyugi (1,982m), off to the south and west. Triyuginarayan is the temple town marking the spot where shiva is said to have solemnized his wedding to Parvati. Night stay at Camp in Maggu Chatti (3,086m).There is enough flat land for a camp, a stream close by, and abandoned shelters offer plenty of cover for cooking.


Distance : 15 km
Time       : 6 – 8 hours
Level       : Moderate

We will start Trekking to Panwalikantha early in the morning. There is growing panorama of Great Himalayan peaks, Meru, the Gangotri Range and the Kedar Dome.
          Maggu virtually marks the tree line and form here on, shrubs and flowers dominate the slopes around. There is a series of switchbacks up to the ‘khal’ or pass of Kinkhola, at 3,400m. We will stay at camp in the main meadow of Panwalikantha (3,963m).

Day 3

Distance : 13 km
Time       : 5 - 6 hours
Level      : Easy

We will heading back the ridge to Kinkhola Khal. Night stay at camp on the level meadow on the northen side, in the lee of a high knoll.

Day 4

Distance : 10 km
Time       : 4 hours
Level      : Easy

Retrace your steps back to Triyugi. Trek Ends Here.

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